Dipsea Capital, LLC


Our mission is to serve as conscientious stewards of capital by generating reliable, uncorrelated returns in the markets.

We accomplish this objective by identifying and trading upon inefficiencies in the markets.  We have found the most consistent opportunities for profit originate not in the markets themselves, but in the mispricing which occurs based upon the behavior of market participants.

Our track record illustrates the aptitude to consistently profit from these opportunities and risk control that has resulted in no losing years for any managed accounts.  Beyond exceptional performance is the humility that comes from witnessing numerous market cycles and making the necessary adjustments to thrive.

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Investment Philosophy


Our primary objective in managed accounts is capital preservation; followed by generating a consistent, positive return on our assets. This objective is achieved through:

  1. Controlling risk through the systematic hedging of assets.
  2. Nimbleness in cutting losses quickly using stop losses and expertise in risk management.
  3. Trading securities from the short side.
  4. Retaining high cash balances when opportunities are not present in the marketplace

The primary methods we employ are predicated upon the efficacy of behavioral finance and relative strength analysis..



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